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Hi! My name is 

I'm an artist, designer and illustrator. 

creating art that celebrates diversity, inclusivity and humanity. I've been an artist my whole life. I'd be creating something every day, no matter what. It's in my bones.  

get out of decision fatigue, surround yourself with treasures that express your true colorful self and your outstanding values. Brighten your space with vibrant conscious art while supporting women BIPOC artists and small businesses! Through uplifting messages and inspiring art, I want to remind you of your strength and worth. Come be apart of the Rain Bud community where we encourage, empower and foster meaningful connections!

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Since I can remember I was always drawing, painting, and making up stories. My earliest art memory was drawing Disney characters and collecting them in a portfolio my grandma helped make. Imagine a 5 year old already with an extensive art portfolio! In grade school, I furthered my art education by taking extra art classes in the evening. Eventually, I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration.


I landed my first internship right before I graduated, at Department 56. I strengthened my design skills, along with learning the retail market. I quickly moved up the ladder, hopped around to other local design companies and became what I thought was the ultimate goal, a Senior Level Product Designer. Working with well known brands and mass market retailers. 

  After 7 years as an in-house product designer, I was burnt out and the golden cuffs kept getting tighter. I finally made the scary jump and started on my own, as a full time artist and designer, a dream of mine for many years. ​Ever since commanding my creative business, I have created unique, colorful art that celebrate authenticity and diversity. Being a racially mixed woman I use my unique experiences and emotions to express art that embodies confidence, self love and humanity. Recently I illustrated my first published children's book, Nana and Abuela and collaborated with the Minnesota Twins designing an exclusive Artist Series T-shirt. 

I hope you are inspired to inject some boldness and add a touch of joy and color into your life.


I know you are a kind of person that wants to contribute to a brighter, more inclusive, and empowered way of living. Come celebrate with me, create connections, and surround yourself with beautiful colorful conscious beauty.


Thank you for coming over here! 


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